How Peery Teacher Training Works

1) Register for Peery Teacher Training

2) Receive Peery training materials via email.  Materials include demonstration videos, practice charts, original music and Peery student workbooks.

3) Send in videos of your students performing the Peery techniques.  This is the most awesome part of the training and why Peery can guarantee results.  Through fine tuning your understanding of the Peery techniques the overall level and consistency of your studio will improve.  Your parents and students will notice the difference and you will be amazed at how well your students can play.

4) Attend the Peery teacher masterclasses each week through zoom video conferencing.  Masterclasses are held once a week for 40 min. All masterclasses are recorded and emailed out afterwards so you can refer to them later or watch them in case you can’t make a live masterclass.  During the masterclass most of the time is spent reviewing video submissions but we also discuss any topics that teachers bring up such as: repertoire selection, practice techniques, studio policies,  student motivation, billing practices, or anything else you need help with. These topics can also be explored more in depth on our private Peery Teachers Facebook group.

5) Receive your Peery Credential.  As your student submissions reach the level of Peery Certified you will earn your Peery Credential.  Only Peery training and credentialed teachers are listed in the Peery Teacher Directory.

6) Attract more students, make more money, and enjoy knowing you are providing the very best to your students!

Peery Teacher Training tuition is $200/month and requires a 1 year minimum commitment.
*FULL TIME STUDENT TUITION is $100/month. Proof of student status is required.

Peery makes no claim or guarantee with teachers who just use Peery materials and are not Peery Credentialed. The only guaranteed way students can know they will get the results that come from the Peery Method is by training with a Peery Credentialed teacher listed on this site.

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At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical training to teachers and students.  We believe that music is about connection.  We recognize the importance of sound in this connection and understand that sound production is tied to specific muscular movement.  We train students and teachers to understand and master the physical movements required to produce the sounds they desire.  Sound is magical.  Human manipulation of sound is miraculous.  Peery is honored to be a part of your musical journey.