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Here are some commonly asked questions about Peery Teacher Training.  If you can't find answers to your questions below, send us your question and we will answer as best we can!

The answers are directly from teachers who have gone through Peery training.  Multiple answers to the same question represent multiple teachers responding.

Q: How much time would you estimate is required outside of the masterclass?

Answer: The time will vary depending on what you put into it, but you can expect about an hour a week in the beginning.

Q: How do teachers typically do with submitting videos of their students in the very beginning of their Peery training?

Videos can be taken and submitted straight from your phone so recording and sending them isn't difficult.  

In terms of student video success, you can expect that most of your first videos will come back with the mark of ‘Resubmit’. It can take quite a few submissions at first to start to see all the details in a student's hand. As time goes on your understanding and teaching will improve.  By the time you are close to reaching your Master credential it is not unlikely that every video you submit will receive the mark of Peery Certified on the first submission. Through this process you will gain confidence in your ability to teach the Peery techniques.

Q: Will my students respond well to this training in the beginning?

Answer:  My students were excited and parents were very impressed!

Answer:  Yes my students all responded well, I’d say! I made a big deal out of it - (bigger than I probably had to, actually now looking back...) But, I was excited! They have all done great - you just have to communicate that there will be some new expectations of them, etc.  I think they were excited about the idea of being able to earn their ‘Peery Certification’, and also of having a more detailed map to follow.

I’d say that now, though, when I have a new student begin, the response is even better because my old students had to make that transition with me, you know? And these new students now just jump right in not knowing any different.

Answer: Yes- but for a transfer student it is harder and tricky to make the change.
As Christie will repeatedly say, the key is to give assignments that are going to have a positive outcome- usually that will be a small bite that they can do well and get really solid. At first it is difficult. And it seems like students are moving really slowly. But, after a short while I start to expect to see the improved hand position. I keep them moving slowly at the level they came to me with really small assignments and being clear of the new expectations.  But, I also tell them I want to improve fluency and put them back to where they can play easily AND incorporate the improved hand position. Then it starts to even out. Sometimes we end up dropping the level they came in with, sometimes we catch up pretty quickly.

I highly recommend making the leap into Peery! Its not like a quick ‘60-day’ program for sure - it’s a commitment and investment but for me it has absolutely made all the difference and I can’t speak highly enough of it! Peery has really taken the quality of my teaching to such a new level, and students and parents can see it.



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