Peery Philosophy

During my years at Peabody I studied with Leon Fleisher.

His studio was full of power players.  They could play big and loud and fast.  But if you know anything about Mr Fleisher, you know that big, loud, fast playing does nothing to impress him. If he even got a whiff that your playing focus might be on impressing your audience he would say something like, ‘If you are interested in such amazing acts of physicality, I suggest you join the circus’.

He emphasized to us again and again that:
Good technique is the ability to make the sound you want exactly when you want to make it.

Good technique isn’t just the ability to play the most difficult etudes flawlessly. It is the ability to make the sound you want EXACTLY when you want to make it. Good technique is the ability to make realized your musical choices.

Technical Training Begins with the Very First Touch

Building a strong technical foundation is an absolute requirement to giving students the options to choose their musical path.  And technical training begins with the student’s very first touch of the keys.

This pyramid indicates the student’s practicing hours.

Peery teachers recognize the importance of the first 500 practice hours. They are trained to take students successfully through the Peery Habits program which lays a strong technical foundation.

The Peery Players and Givers programs keep our students engaged as they progress up the pyramid of practice hours. Their scope expands into popular music, teaching or a focus on classical mastery.

I have underestimated how wonderful it would feel to get back into playing music. Now that I am older and have really taken art and poetry seriously as a way to grow as a person, I feel that I am at the emotional maturity to engage with music in ways I couldn't as a kid. I definitely feel like the skills Peery gave me and all of its students really show their worth once they start tackling music on their own. It’s a lightbulb that shines and really says to you "wow, I really CAN play, and play WELL". Of course with me, this is most obviously with my technique.

Former Peery Student


At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical training to teachers and students.  We recognize the importance of a strong foundation and provide our teachers and students the tools and support needed to build a foundation that keeps future choices open.

The Peery Program provides a structured, graded curriculum that includes both classical and popular skills; an in-lesson certification and evaluation system that requires no outside testing or scheduling; opportunities for our students to teach, accompany and perform; and a supportive, friendly and inspiring community.

Welcome to the Peery Family!