Teacher Videos

Getting a student to perform a Peery Foundational Technique correctly is not easy, but Peery teachers are up for the task!

Peery Teachers understand:

  • the correct sound and motion required for each Peery Foundational Technique.
  • the importance of a strong technical foundation

Peery teachers are creative, patient and specific and they don't let up until the technique is Peery Certified!

Here are a few Peery teachers in action!

Peery Technique: Deep Sound


Peery Technique: Drop/float


At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical training to teachers.  We recognize the importance of a strong foundation and provide our teachers the tools, techniques and support needed to build a foundation that keeps their student's future choices open.

The Peery Program provides a structured, graded curriculum that includes both classical and popular skills; an in-lesson certification and evaluation system that requires no outside testing or scheduling; opportunities for our students to teach, accompany and perform; and a supportive, friendly and inspiring community.

Welcome to the Peery Family!