Observation Track

If you are the type that likes to 'kick the tires' first to see what the ride is all about, then the Observation track is for you.  For $30/month you will be emailed the recording of a weekly Peery masterclass of teachers in training to become Peery Certified.  By enrolling in the Observation track you can see what Peery is all about, hear its results and learn from watching and listening to others.  Once enrolled the charge is recurring and you can cancel at any time by emailing [email protected]

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At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical training to teachers and students.  We believe that music is about connection.  We recognize the importance of sound in this connection and understand that sound production is tied to specific muscular movement.  We train students and teachers to understand and master the physical movements required to produce the sounds they desire.  Sound is magical.  Human manipulation of sound is miraculous.  Peery is honored to be a part of your musical journey.