Peery Student Certification

Peery Certification holds students to the highest piano playing standards. Starting with the Peery Foundational Techniques in the Peery Habits program and continuing through Intermediate Players and Advanced Givers, a Peery Certified student has the ability to play any piece as well as they want.  Earning the mark of Peery Certified means that you are a student who is disciplined, detail-oriented, hard-working and resilient.  These attributes are attractive and useful within and outside the field of music.

HABITS CERTIFICATION ITEMS: Hanon MB and PF, Cycle 1 Major Key, 1 Musical piece per Foundational Technique
Price: $70/program or $5/video submission

   Habits Certified Students

PLAYERS and GIVERS CERTIFICATION ITEMS: Hanon MB and PF, Cycle 1 Major and 1 Minor key, 1 Musical piece - including markings review and musical certification form submission

Players Certified Students

   Givers Certified Students

Price: Players 1-4 $95/program or $7/video submission
Price: Player 5-6 $110/program or $9/video submission
Price: Givers 7-10 $125/program or $30/video submission for musical piece, all other items $10/video submission

  • Student Certification programs include unlimited video submissions until the mark of Peery Certified is earned
  • Video submissions should include only 1 item per video: Hanon MB = 1 item, Hanon PF = 1 item, Cycle HA 1 Key = 1 item, Musical Piece = 1 item, Markings = 1 item, Musical form = 1 item
  • Musical Pieces in Players and Givers levels without accompanying markings and form will not be accepted
  • Video feedback will be sent to the teacher
  • Progress and feedback will be tracked on
  • Video submissions must come from the teacher's email
  • Students will receive a printable certificate at the completion of each Peery level

So, do you have what it takes to become a Peery Certified Student?  There's only one way to find out!
Fill out the form below.  After we confirm that you are a current student of a Peery teacher we will email you the Peery Student Certification registration form for the program of your choice.


At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical and process training to teachers and students.  We believe that quality training empowers students and teachers and makes possible all that music and life have to offer.