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If you already have a teacher, or are an independent learner who can already read music, Peery Online Coaching is for you! Peery Coaching will give you the tools to improve your technique and uncover your inner musical genius.

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Peery Online Coaching programs are a fantastic and affordable supplement to your regular lessons or perfect for the student who has taken piano lessons, is driven and self-motivated.

How it works: once enrolled you will be emailed lessons with specific assignments.  These lessons will take you step by step by through the Peery techniques.  When you are ready, you will email back a video with the requested assignment.  When your playing reaches the level of Peery Certified for that assignment, you will be emailed the next lesson.  You can continue to progress through levels, applying the techniques to more advanced skills and repertoire for as long as you want to.

*Please note, times listed on the enrollment form are for registration purposes only so please select the time available and then ignore it :)  There are no set schedules for online learning*


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Peery Online Coaching Programs:

- Technique - 10 levels of focused training on finger speed and strength through scale, arpeggio and chord exercises and drills.  Students completing Peery Technique Level 10 can perform all major and minor scales and arpeggios at MM152, hands together, 4 notes to the beat.

- Musicianship - starting with the Peery Foundational Techniques, students master the sounds, motions and symbols needed to create infinite sound possibilites.  The Peery Foundational Techniques are then applied to beginning, intermediate and advanced repertoire through 10 levels of training.

-Performance Coaching and Repertoire Selection - done on a one to one basis, we offer performance and repertoire coaching to help you take your playing to the highest level and to be prepared to do your very best in performances and competitions.

Technique coaching tuition: starting at $120/year
Musicianship coaching tuition: starting at $120/year
Performance coaching and repertoire selection tuition: $170/hour with a 15 minute minimum

Technique and Musicianship coaching includes access to Peery technique videos and materials and attaches you to a Peery Mentor.  Students are sent assignments which include submitting videos of their playing.  Once their playing receives the mark of 'Peery Certified' or 'Passed' the student will receive the next assignment and continue to progress through the Peery levels.

Enroll in Technique Coaching

Enroll in Musicianship Coaching

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or you can

Study directly with a Peery Certified Teacher


At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical and process training to teachers and students.  We believe that quality training empowers students and teachers and makes possible all that music and life have to offer.