Mandelyn Wu

Peery Certified: 

Mandelyn Wu is 13 years old and is in seventh grade at Graham Middle School. She has been playing piano at Peery Piano Academy in Mountain View, CA for over 3 years. Mandeyln joined the PPA teaching faculty in 2018. She is currently attempting to certify in Peery Players Level 3. Aside from piano, Mandelyn has played classical guitar for 8 years, as well as violin for 3 years through her school program.

Mandelyn enjoys reading, writing stories and poetry, researching, and photography. She also loves animals, including wild and domestic animals, and her own various pets. Mandelyn likes to work with students and see them progress through the levels of piano at Peery.

Mandelyn is available to teach students in the Peery Habits program as a Practical Guide.
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