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The Peery Method takes the highest level Classical Conservatory piano playing principles and distills them down so that they are useful to the every day student. Peery teaching goes beyond 'typewriter' style playing which is simply pressing down the right key at the right time. The Peery Method teaches all students how to shape a phrase, play musically and sound like a professional Classical pianist. The Peery Method teaches a highly dedicated pianist who is competitive and loves to perform and gives them the skills needed to successfully enter the best learning institutions in the world such as Juilliard, Harvard, Peabody and The Royal Academy.

Peery trained students are taught correct principles from the beginning. Through Peery training students will have the proper Habits to support them in whatever musical path they choose.

Because the training is very specific, only Peery Credentialed teachers listed on this site, are able to consistently teach the Peery method correctly .


At Peery Piano Academy our mission is to offer the highest quality musical training to teachers and students.  We believe that music is about connection.  We recognize the importance of sound in this connection and understand that sound production is tied to specific muscular movement.  We train students and teachers to understand and master the physical movements required to produce the sounds they desire.  Sound is magical.  Human manipulation of sound is miraculous.  Peery is honored to be a part of your musical journey.